A highlight of our services include:


At Golden Girls Living we believe that food is medicine and has the ability to preserve and improve both physical health and emotional well-being. This is why we focus on providing whole, unprocessed foods without chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients. 

We provide daily breakfast, lunch and dinner in our great room styled family dining area, along with a snack and dessert.  Additional food and snacks are also available to our residents.

We can provide meals that meet the dietary needs or health related preferences of any of our residents.  Our standard menu is wheat free and dairy free (except for butter, ghee and occasional low dairy fat cheeses).  We offer small servings of animal protein consisting mostly of wild caught fish, free range beef and poultry, raised without antibiotics as well as free range organic eggs. We serve a generous variety of vegetables and fruits, mostly organically grown. 

We understand that it is difficult to alter eating habits so we use a gradual approach to move our incoming residents from wheat and dairy foods that, in our experience, often contribute to irritable moods and chest and nasal congestion, toward our chosen standard menu.

Our gradual dietary weaning process can be beneficial to any resident who has had difficulty transitioning from their previous diet to one that has been prescribed for their health and wellness. We work with our residents and their family members to make this transition as painless as possible. 

Our standard menu is also focused on ease of digestion because the ability of the human body to digest food effectively, is known to diminish with increasing age. 

Our drinking water is filtered for particles and microbes and the beverages we serve are sweetened with natural sugars only and are non-carbonated. 


At Golden Girls Living our residents enjoy freedom and life enrichment services as Independent Living residents, but they also receive a level of care, service and security personalized just for them. Services such as dressing assistance, bathing assistance, medication assistance, and more are available as needed. 

We are committed to developing personal and lasting relationships with our residents and their family members. The more we know about our residents, the better we are able to tailor services and care to protect and enhance their overall well-being. 

Our relationship begins with a thorough intake assessment to create an Individualized Services Plan.  When a resident’s needs change, their individualized plan and the services and care that are provided, will change also. 

Due to our small home environment, we are constantly interacting with our residents during the day.  At bedtime, our residents have the option of having their room monitored for sound, so they can maintain their privacy, yet be heard by our night companions, if they should need assistance. This high level of interaction and supervision helps to reduce the risks of accidents and hospitalizations.

In the case of an emergency, someone is available onsite 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of our residents and to provide appropriate assistance as needed. We also provide:

  • Assistance with bathing, dressing, and ambulating 
  • Weekly laundering of personal items, towels and linens
  • Hair Care Services
  • Regular Manicure / Pedicure Services 


We maintain a monthly calendar of organized activities, outings and events to promote engagement and socialization for our residents.

  • Physical Movement 
  • Nature and gardening activities
  • Mentally stimulating activities & games
  • Frequent park outings 
  • Concerts
  • Music appreciation sessions
  • Lunch outings
  • Local senior events


  • Medication management
  • Prescription delivery and automatic refills


Transportation is provided for all activities. Transportation can be arranged for doctor visits.


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