Our Story

Like many women (and quite a few men) I have been a caregiver for a family member for years; my mother. For the past three of those years, I have been caring for my mother and her two older sisters. They each have dementia and one of them lost her eyesight to glaucoma several years ago.

They have each spent time being cared for in commercial settings. When my mother’s oldest sister needed more care, I placed the two of them together in a very nice, well known commercial facility with a memory wing. Despite the lovely environment and significant monthly fees, the supervision and personal care they received were consistently inadequate, and made me angry and sad.

I was searching for a new place for them when another aunt’s care situation changed and I needed to relocate her to Michigan, and arrange care for her too.

With 3 sisters in their 90’s needing care, I decided to improve their living experience for as long as I could by bringing them together to live with me. As an only child and the niece of 2 aunts who never had children, I was keeping a promise I made to them to look after them in their ‘old age’. I just never imagined this set of circumstances.

After arranging caregivers, daily activities and health care, I changed their diets and worked with doctors to reduce their medications. Their physical health showed improvement and their moods became brighter.

Over time I realized two things; 1st, that I did not want my family members ever going back into commercial care and 2nd, that I wanted to use what I learned to provide a more nutritionally focused, closely supervised, homelike environment for other women needing care, than what is commonly available.

This is how Golden Girls Living came to be.  Our Assisted Living Home is now open to provide daily living assistance and care, focused interaction and activities, close supervision and whole food nutritional support to the woman you love.

Donna Glass, Administrator, Majority Member, Golden Girls Living.

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