We know from personal experience that it is emotionally challenging to care for a family member with long term needs. We also know that when your family member is safe & well cared for, that you feel better as well. We believe that the safe, healthy, living environment we provide will have a positive impact on the lives of our residents as well as the family members who love them, and this is our mission.

What People Say

I have been the home healthcare physician for the residents at Golden Girls Living for more than 2 years. Golden Girls Living rates as one of the best group homes I have provided services to. They provide a clean, comfortable & safe environment for those who can no longer live independently. The staff is responsive & vigilant and the residents are treated with kindness & respect. The administrator spends a great deal of time at the home in a hands-on supervisory role & is committed to insure the best possible care. I would recommend this home for anyone requiring a group home.

Jerry Nosenchuk, D.O.

As a Physical Therapist, when I’ve had opportunities to work with the ladies at Golden Girls Living, the thing that amazed me most is that they were very happy and comfortable about their ongoing care. The staff is friendly and actively get involved in following up on the exercises to promote the resident’s mobility & endurance. They are always looking for suggestions on how to make their environment safer . In my opinion they are providing an excellent level of care with great compassion.

S. Muthurajan, Physical Therapist, Wellness Home Health Care

For the past 14 years I have guided people in Gentle Chair Yoga, Seated Tai Chi & Standing Tai Chi to help them get rid of stress in the mind, body & soul. Golden Girls Living has me work with their ladies on a regular basis in addition to their own movement program. I believe movement is critical for physical & emotional well-being. Engaging my services shows that Golden Girls Living does too.

Bobbie Calhoun, Gentle Chair Yoga & Tai Chi Instructor

Let’s build something together.

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