Welcome to Golden Girls Living!

Our Living Room

Golden Girls Living provides residential assisted living and extended weekend respite care for mature women, in a family home environment.  We are committed to maintaining an environment where living is an active and engaging process, rather than a description of the physical state of being alive.  

Our home is designed to meet the needs of  women who can no longer safely manage the activities of daily living independently, and maintain their established standards of self care. 

Our programs and services provide daily living assistance, a nutritional whole foods diet, daily physical activity, social interaction and activities designed to meet the needs of each resident, in a family home setting.

Our focus is on protecting and preserving the physical,  mental and social capabilities of our residents and encouraging them to be as active and as independent as possible. 

We support the social and emotional needs of our ladies with daily interactive sessions led by staff and by encouraging independent social interaction between our residents. 

We also maintain an open door policy for family and friends to facilitate ongoing relationships with loved ones and the emotional benefits those relationships provide.

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